Executive Director

Matt Lohmeier – Mr. Lohmeier is responsible for creating the vision of San Antonio Region Justice For Our Neighbors as well as overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan. Ultimately, he is responsible for the oversight of the entire organization, including, but not limited to, fundraising, marketing, community outreach, public policy advocacy and legal services.

Director of Legal Services

Anacletus Gyinia, Esq. – Mr. Gyinia is responsible for the management of the SARJFON legal team. In addition to advocating for clients in court, Mr. Gyinia creates community education programs and serves as a front-line advocate for immigrant rights with local, statewide and national policy makers.

Removal Defense Attorney

Smaranda Draghia, Esq. – Ms. Draghia focuses solely on advocating for and representing SARFJON clients facing deportation from the United States.

Outreach-Education-Intake (OEI) Facilitator

Valeria Wheeler – OEI Facilitators provide Know-Your-Rights education, Family Separation Planning and screenings for people who may have immigration relief available to them. They coordinate with SARJFON attorneys to identify possible pathways towards legal permanent residency.

Office Coordinator

Kim Schroeder work together to ensure that the rest of the team can serve clients with maximum efficiency. Without their dedication and attention to detail, SARJFON would not be able to grow and serve more clients.