Hundreds of people are impacted every year by the generosity of San Antonio Region Justice For Our Neighbors donors. The financial donations we receive allow us to provide high quality immigration legal services to low-income immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers looking for safety inside the borders of the United States.

Each client story is different but they all seem to have a common thread: HOPE. By receiving free and low-cost legal services from SARJFON our clients are given HOPE. Hope for a safe future, hope for stability and hope of becoming a legal resident.

HOPE is given through your financial donations. Your generosity shows our clients that someone cares. Someone values their life and sees them as important. For many clients this is the first time they have felt HOPEFUL.

Thank you for being a beacon of HOPE for our struggling neighbors.

Stories of how your donation provides hope.

Click here to read Belinda’s story.
Click here to read Rachel’s story.

Names and likenesses have been changed to protect the identity of our clients.